Thursday, January 12, 2012

All about 2011

  2011 was quite a hard year for me especially at the year end

  There was quite a few events happened which was kinda unforgettable. Unforgettable in the sense that hmmm... should I say those event terrified me ?! o.O I'm not sure. But one of them surely was my tooth operation. I'm impressed with myself !! I'm the one who made the decision and to be honest... The day I went to the hospital I felt a lil lil regret... But I've made it in the end !! *clap clap ^^ Of course I was very terrified when I went into the operation room... That's my first time of course...

  Well the most terrified me was my grandpa (my dad's dad)... It all happened when I heard the doctor tell me that there was a tumour on my grandpa pancreas though he didn't tell us directly but we all knew that was a cancer... On that moment I saw my mom, dad, grandpa and grandma, their eyes are all in tears but they try to hold back... Of course mine too, I try my very best to not let the tears fall down.. I have to support my family !! That's the first time I face death... It was really scary and terrified me... Although my grandpa is okay until today, but the doctor said is just the matter of time depending on the growth of the tumour. All of sudden, tons of questions came to my mind. What happened if we lost him? What should I do? What happened if he's not by our side? ....... When I was small I use to play with him happily, since when we seldom talk to each other ?? Though I care, I never speak or act. When I know one day he's going to left us, only then I know I was taking his present for granted. It makes me regret. Now when I try to speak all I can do was ask, do you feel ok today ? Have you eaten ? but his negative answer always made me fear to ask or talk to him more as he has depression. All I hope now was please remain the same as now, please don't bring pain to him.. Do us human will only know how to care and treasure something only when we know we're going to lose them ?!

  Well my dad's dad made me sad, my mom's dad made me angry !!! Ugh !! I'm so hate to talked about it ! All I know was if something happen to my mom's mom, I will never ever forgive him !!!

  When 2011 comes to the end and everyone was counting down happily, I was there studying for my final while praying that the new year 2012 will be better off...


Saturday, October 29, 2011

October's feeling

Recently I'm getting more and more lazy though homeworks, assignments, test, etc are getting more and more loaded ..
ishk ishk ishk ...
Was thinking is my brain size shrinking ?
though have read the books many many times...
But it end up nothing is going inside my brain @@!
Or was I reading it without "heart" 
Agu ~~~ have to find smtg to motivate myself more.. mooooooore... moooooooooooooore....

Ooooh another thing ... why am I agree to take part in the flashmob ?! o.O 
I must be insane ~.~ As classmates said that if class rep is going they're going !! So as a class rep , what should I do ?! Gash ~ That is why I agreed to join >.<!
Hmmm ... I can't dance ~ What should I do ?! Ahhhh.... TT_TT

Btw, 3 November and 4 November are getting closer =( those dates are realli annoying me !! For someone who so afraid to go for a dentist is going to undergo teeth operation, so what do you think she feels like ?!
Ugh ~ Whatever .. All I have to do is keeping on FIGHTING AZA AZA !!!