Saturday, December 11, 2010

Haih ~ What to say bout you ==!

Today .. I was having an outing with my NS's friends

On the half way, I receive a sms from Amanda saying that :
Omg. What you and me expected is real.

okay !! It's none of my business so ...

I was felt like I was a fool lol

I scolding her bitch not that I was angry for Amanda


All the while i was chatting and asking something from her...

She just act like it's none of her business and told mii this and that which actually she was ACTING in front of mii ... especially ... *** one part of the chatting ***

SUCKS man this is SICK !!!

Don't act in front if mii please u make mii feel like I'm a fool !!!

I sipek *DL* this kind of ppl !!!

Now .... I dunno what reaction i should give you when i meet you ><!

Should I act dunno like what you did ??!!

Or should I just ignore you ><!

Just admit it when you did it wrong !! Bluffing and acting just made things worst than when you just admit it !

Aha although it's not a big deal to mii ><! but you d made mii had a bad image bou you !! That's all !!

You won't lose mii as your friend !! Cause i think you should be the one who feel embarrass ...

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