Sunday, November 28, 2010

Haih ~ Another Scar ~

There's a scar on my right knee cap

It's been on my knee when i had fall down on my bathroom when i was form 5

But then T^T yesterday i fell down again !!

Again !! It was at bathroom !!

Again !! It was on my right knee cap !!

Again !! Again !! Again !!

The same wounds like last time !!

It's just that now there's 2 wounds D=

Aiks ~ Pain ~

I wonder how am i going to toilet

How am i going to wear sports shoes to college

How am i going to wear formal on Tuesday

*** Sigh ~ ***

Fate ~ i have to accept it !!

I have to "ren" !!

Please ~ Don't leave any scar for me as last time ~

Hope it will recover soon and God bless me !!

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