Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year Eve

haha 31 December 2010 night everyone should be waiting for the celebration of welcom-ing the new year 2011 rite ??

Of course mii oso did so ..
but i was just saja saja jio turtle and werewolf to pragin and 1st avenue walk walk only xD

But .... something sia sui happen ==

hmm... let's tell from the start ..

mii and turtle 6smtg reach 1st avenue ...

and i went to Watson to buy my shampoo ..
at there we met a guy/boy (* hmm.. i think he should be same age with us... ps: quite handsome lor XD) ...
he was buying the hair wax but i din actually concern bout him (of course non of my business)
i only saw his face when turtle said that he buy the hair wax bcoz his hair not stand enough and when he was paying at the counter beside mii...

While it doesn't concern mii too ... so we just walk on our way ...
after having dinner and on our way to the cinema at pragin ...
i saw two dogs inside the shop beside Mc.Donald  haha
and i called up to turtle and werewolf ..
we were standing outside the shop and i told turtle and werewolf that :
Wow !!! the dogs wad so chubbyy ^^ ..

But then a boy came and stand in front of mii blocking my vision ==
at the same time turtle said to mii : 你去勾引那两只狗啦!!
i was so shocked with wad she said and i yelled : 什么?! 你要我去勾引那两只狗???
and the boy stand in front of mii kena shocked and watching mii ==

My God !!! the boy at Watson >.<

Shit so no face >.<!!!!! 
and i was like stuck at thr for 10secs ... he watched mii i watched him ==

of course without any doubt i straight walk to the escalator ==
and at the escalator turtle oso tols mii that the boy is the boy we met at watson @@!
too embrassed !! sia sui !!! i thought went to the escalator then everthing is done
who know he oso came to the escalator ==!!!

Luckily we was rushing for the movie ...abo then i realli will be no face if we *gok zai tu tiok* >.<  phew ~~

haha by the way the movie was very nice i like it !! ^^ ----- Tourist 

haha !!! sipek sia sui eh day >.< !

And now i feel like why there is always awkward things or funny things happen when i went out with friends ??!! ><!!!

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