Saturday, May 7, 2011

Just to Remind Myself !!!

I guess ... I'm in the process of growing up ...
Things are getting different ...
Many things we had to face it ourself ...

Parents are giving us more freedom ..
Even though freedom is given to us ..
But I still can see the anxiety of my parents whenever we are late back home ...
They're concern bout things we're doing ...
But when they asked us what happened in school , where are we going ...
We seems like do not wanted to tell them everthings ...
We might think that : Hey ! I'm already 18 ! I knew what I am doing ! I am a baby anymore !

When these words came out from my mouth ..
I saw the sadness on their faces ...
Words said could not be taken back ... though I've regret with what I've said

Now I only knew that yes ! I'm 18 !
And this is the time we start to learn to be an adult !
It's not that 18 means that I can handle everything myself and knowing things we're doing is right !
We must learn that even though we have freedom we wanted ever seen we're teenagers but we must also learn to care bout others feelings especially our family ...

Yes ! We have the freedom to go out with friends whenever we want to !
Yes ! We can have night  life !
Yes ! We do not have to report everything to our parents !

But do you know even we have the freedom to do all these things ..
We're just an adult teenager !
We do not really know what the society is !

For example, can you tell that a person is good or bad with just his/her appearance ?
No ! We do not really know the friends we meet especially the friends we meet after school life..

Parents care bout what we doing, where we're going just for the sake of us !
Who know something might happened to us ?!

Growing up isn't easy ..

We have to decide our own future ...
Decide our own career ..
Decide everything ourself

We have to face problem ourself ...
Facing failure
Facing interview
Facing unknown circumstances

It's time we learn to be independent !
Solve the problem we face ourself !
But remember we still have our family behind us !
They deserve to know what we're doing !
Listen to their suggestion ! They had more experiences than us !
It's not that being independent means we shouldn't let our problem known by others...
It's not that we cannot take others suggestions ...

We all are in the process of growing up and learning new things
Growing up isn't easy !!
Many things should be learn
And many things are learn through failure

When you fell down, stand up !! 
Stand up like a soldier !!
Then we'll gain new knowledges, experiences ...
Which one day these new knowledges and experiences may lead us to success !!!
Have you seen the soldier who injured in a war and still stand up to fight for their country !!
A country need such soldier so that the country can gain the victory !
So do success !! Success is only given to does stand up from the failure !!

Life is all about learning !! It's just that when we're growing up the learning method is changed !!

So Lay Yen !! Remember :

But I knew you can do it Yen !!

Just a reminder wrote for myself to remind me
that growing up is not easy but I've learnt that 
parents deserve to know what I'm doing.
A lesson learnt yesterday :  6 Apr 2011