Sunday, May 22, 2011

Oooh !!! I'm sick =(

I've been haunted by Mr.Sorethroat for about two weeks  =(

For the very 1st time I went to the doctor,
The doctor said I've got allergic with some food which made my throat to be swelling.
My father asked bout whether is my tonsil that made my throat to swell ?
The doctor had insist that I was only allergic and it's normal that it wil last for months ><!
So he just gave me some panadol .... ==! yup ! Panadol ! That's all ?!

By just taking the panadol couldn't stop the pain of my throat T^T
Yesterday night I was awoken by the pain  =(
Oh man !! I'm going to be nuts !!

So today I went for another Doctor @@!
She got shocked when she saw my throat !!
She said : Oh man !! Tonsil !! How long you've gt the sawthroat ? 
Mii : 2 weeks doc ! I can feel the pain even just swallowing my saliva @@!
She asked mii whether how often I got sawthroat in a year ?
I said one year I would have 4 to 5 times of this sickness and is hard to recover  =(

She told mii that : Nvm we'll have you to eat some antibiotic this time but if it couldn't recover we'll have you undergo an operation to remove your tonsil @@!

Ohhhhhhhhh My God !??


Heck !! I dun wanna have an operation @@!

Back from the hospital till now I can still recall what the doctor said :
If you can't recover we'll have you undergo an operation to remove your tonsil !!

Man !! 
I'm going drink as many honey as I can !!
I'm going to drink as many water as I can !!
I'm going to avoid any foods that going to burst my throat out !!!
I'll do anything I can !!! So .... Just .... Please ~~~~ I dun wanna undergo an operation ~~

Please recover my Mr.Throat ~~~

For readers information,
normally people won't have tonsil ...
tonsil is born with ...
here is what tonsil are ...


  1. take care honey! then only can go sing K! ;D

  2. en en will ~~ I'll make sure that i dun go for operation !! xD