Saturday, June 18, 2011

17 June 2011

My left leggy got injured by the exhaust pipe of my dad's motorbike T^T
I was rushing to catch the bus
So i didn't apply any medicine until I reach school =(
The pain was soooooooooooooooooooooooooo ~~ ishk
Glad that it was ok now ~~

While on the way back to my house
I was standing all the way from my school to my house
Then I saw a scene which was really really disappointed me
A boy was siting on the orange zone
It was the zone for disabled and the old
Normally people sits there would stand up and give the seat to those who need it
But this boy was soooo ... *sigh ~
When the bus reached Midland's bus stop the bus got full
And then an old women came and standing in front of the boy hoping he will give her the seat
But the boy didn't even bother about the women and keep looking left and right, up and down
He was like act dunno about it
It was really shame that at last it was a old man who stand up and gave the old women the seat because the old man said his destination is going to reach soon
And when the bus reached another bus stop
Another old women came
And he again didn't bother to give the seat to the old women
The old women was standing beside me
I couldn't do anything but to let her hold on to the handle

And what get me frustrated was the boy was from our school !!
What a shame !!!!
Is the young generation nowadays was really corrupted ??
While at least I'm not
Phew ~


  1. people nowadays are not civilized anymore. luckily you are :) and take care ya<3, i can't believe you can hurt yourself at home =.="