Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Challenges ?!

Hmmmm ... Should I say is a semester fuuuuullllll of challenges ?!
Ehem ... But I do think that I learnt a lot from my so call *Challenges* ;)

From 9th May until now .... Many things happened .... 

1st  !!

I've learnt to ride Rapid alone cause the school bus's timetable didn't match with my class's timetable
A big step for mii to be independent 

Wait for the bus at bus stop alone .. (Ugh ! Sometime it took mii more than 45 minutes to wait for the bus)

While on the bus ... ( I try not to sit *okay I wanted the olds to sit ... I try not to talk to strangers especially those foreign workers... Actually I'm afraid of them.. hmm.. maybe some perceptions ... But now ... I can ride the bus alone without any fear ... It was actually no big deals to ride on a bus alone =D And now I can ride a bus to anywhere I want .. I don't have to trouble my friends and my parents to fetch mii which i actually hates ^^ )

Learnt to ride bus yeah !!! 

2nd !!

Which I was actually not really want to talk about ><!

I had a quarrel with my assistant class representative over some books problem !

Okay I know I was wrong when I scold what the fuck ==!
But then what he said really pissed me off ..
Ugh !!! No comment dun wan raise up unnecessary issues ...

Learnt a lesson from there which was :
Dun quarrel with a man which scold lady cause there's no point even though you're right .. 

And Just forget it cause no point to remember it

I'll make sure I forget you !

3rd !!

Friends' fight over each other ..

Okay it was just a small issue ...
Sometimes we joke but people doesn't think so ..
Which was a big problem if that occurs ...

But right now it was now all settle .. Glad that everyone was fine now =)
If not ... Go back and see nameless's latest comment (ehem ... I'm sure some of you dun understand wad's nameless xD )

Lesson learnt : Joking around may bring fun but not too over C=

See true friends stay together.. 
We go through these together and now we are still together =)

4th !!

After the quarrel with my assistant class representative ...
Both class representative and assistant resigned @@!

And we had no class rep and ass.class rep for bout one week +
So out management principle's tutor held and election 

Ugh !! I've been chosen to be the class rep and my friend became ass.class rep ...
*sigh ~ Though I not really wanted to be class rep ...
Cause I go to school by bus which may be some problem to me when i have to take books for all my classmates
But I realized I got my BF assistant to help mii soo ...
I'll make sure I'll be a good class rep =)

5th !!!

OOoooh I use to be leader for all the assignments since sem 1

So this semester I let my friend Amanda be the leader of our english group assignment

Sorry to her because I forgot about she was the leader 
and started to told my group member what should they do *sigh ~
Though she say don't be silly cause she dun mind about it
But I mind gurl ~~ (* cause I feel that I had show no respect to you =(  )
Im really really sorry Amanda ~~

Learnt : Never use *used to be* as an excuses 

Hope everythings gonna be fine from now on =)
Will do my very best to face those *challenges*
Nothing can beat me down cause there's a will there's a way ^^


  1. ok, i'll try to sound mature here :P

    When i start reading the 1st paragraph, i already know you can go through all these already,but of course, with time and hardwork ;)

    1st, Rapid is very undependable. I'm surprise that you didn't went late to school...okay, touch wood :S hehe maybe i should try one day, cause i'll be sitting bus everyday when i'm there next time.

    2nd, forget. and forgive. And you're right, don't even bother about him. He hate it when you look happy. ;)

    3rd, skip.

    4th, woohoo, all the best yaa~ you'll be super busy i guess ;P

    5th, :o


  2. Hmmm ... sounds mature ~~

    How do you knew that ?

    1st, Never late ..
    But there was once i finish exam at 4:30 and i wait the bus till 6:30

    so i had no idea but to call my dad ><!

    2nd, Yea I dun really wanna bother him anymore ishk

    4th, ehem ... I dun think I'll be busy lar haha
    will be busy at sch onli xD
    For sure I'll have some time for you when you ask me out ;)