Friday, April 22, 2011

I am ...

I am Lay Yen  =D

I am 18+  ( waiting for 11 Sept 2011 to be 19 )   LOL

I am a Malaysian ( got nothing say bout it >!<  )

I am Tarcian  ( Y1 M19 ) <----- with a group of siao eh?! ><!

I am an ex-Union girl  ( yahooo super miss them * I mean my Union friends xD )

I am a funny girl  ( that whats all my friends told mii ==! )

I am timid ( ehem .. sometime only ... )

I am a puppy lover ( love ~~~~~~~)

I am a cartoon lover (wohooo !! )

I am not a childish girl ( wait till I proved to you all  hmph!! )

I am a Pooh Lover !! ( Yesh super duper LIKIE )

I am a Rio Lover ( Not as much as Pooh yet hehe =)  )

I am an Angry Birds Lover ( Well , not as much as Pooh too But I think is a lil bit more than RIO ^^ )

I am a crazy girl ( yeah ! In front of my very best friends & my family  @@! )

I am smart (ngek ngek >D )

I am scared of GHOST ( ==! Anything that is geli & bloody )

I am ghost story lover  ( .....  I just said I am scared of GHOST ==! .....whatever )

But let me told you I am who I am because

I am give birth by my parents !!!

You wouldn't able to know me without my parents !!

I wouldn't exist in this world without my parents !!

So .... 
Thank you Daddy Mummy for giving birth to mii !! 

**PS : To those who are really close to mii especially my parents !! I'm sorry that sometime I don't hear to what you had said , had advice ... And even sometimes fight back over your words ><! I don't mean it ! I just can't control myself .. Pls ~~ forgive mii ~~ I do love you all and i do wanna give u all the very best I can in the future .

siao liao lar mii so suddenly write all this stuff ><!

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