Saturday, April 23, 2011

Red Riding Hood

Yesh !! The movie i wanted to watch so much !!!

Hehe !! I watched it on yesterday !! Nice Movie !! I like it sooooo muchie ~~

The ending of the story was really unexpected !!

Watch till the end then you'll only know xD haha

Actually it was a simple story but it did gave us a great sense of suspect ><!

I'm nearly fool by the story i read from the newspaper ishk !! 

BTW , there are handsome guys in there **winks winks** 
though Tiara said they aren't hansome ==!
But mii n Munster felt that they are quite handsome man !! yahaahaha xD

Oooh !! The main actress was pretty tooo ~~ heee

Max Iron ---> Henry

S.Fernandez ---> Peter

Amanda Seyfried ---> Valerie

Isn't Irons handsome ?! I like Irons more than Fernandez ==!    hiak hiak hiak    >D

**PS : dun worry though the genre there is written Thriller/Horror but I can watch it you can watch it hee ~


  1. AHHHHHHHH your Henry here soooo handsome!!!!!!
    *snatch picture and save in my com, done ;)

  2. Hey ! I thought u said peter is more handsome ><! if I'm not wrong xD

  3. ya i said he's handsome. too. hahaha. i think all very endao laaa :))) but ur pic here very nice ma that Henry <3

  4. Nice hor ~ Give mii a feel that he's a Vampire xD hehe

  5. hehe I think if he was Edward in Twilight would be better xD haha for mii la heee ~

  6. OMG i think too! AGREE! see our taste memang so good ;)