Thursday, April 28, 2011

Random --- My dream house

My dream house ~~ 
I wanna 隐居 !!!


  1. Oiseh. Ying ju don't have cinema,redbox,shopping and GOOD FOOD wor. u can tahan anot? :P

  2. ehem nvm as long as have internet can d ^^ Food I can cook myself marr ~~ hehe ~

  3. haha good for you, i think i cannot. T.T

  4. haha after retire larrr ~~ can enjoy life thr ~ hmmm ... with nature ~

  5. There isn't much I wouldn't do for a view of the mountains, like the one in the last picture. But we don't have mountains here. We have quite large hills that call themselves mountains.

    I was never that fussed about them before but then I stayed with friends in Canada. For two weeks, I saw the sun setting over the mountains every day and then coming back to England was a bit of a let down. I actually caught myself pretending trying to see mountain shapes in the clouds.

    But without upping and leaving to Canada (Not that I'd take much persuading), I'm not going to get a mountain view. If we even had the kind of mountains that I have in mind, I'd never be able to to get near the house valuation on a mountain-view property. It's bad enough if you're trying to get a house with a view of an industrial park....