Tuesday, September 27, 2011


What should I do ?!

Somebody please give me the answer ~~

Should I just operate a tooth or operate 4 teeth ?!
Gaaaasssshhh ~~

I really dunno what to do man ><!

If operate one then next time I have to operate again ><!

If operate 4 teeth together,

I have to go into the operation theater and operate @@!
I mean the real operation theater not at the dentist surgery room ...

*Sigh ~~~

Can somebody help me decide ?!



  1. Yen! @@
    what are u up to? sound scaray la... u mean u r going to wear braces izit? just follow the dentist's advice and u're o the right track le. aza! :D

  2. Not braces mun ~ I think braces is not that scary than what i'm going to face neh ><!
    I have to take out my 4 so called "zi hui ya" cause it grown abnormally so have to undergo operation to take it out @@!

  3. AH zi hui ya! OUCH! i understand and shen biao tong qing... good luck, chang tong bu ru duan tong <3