Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Stray to you! Precious to me!

Remember when I was 12 or 13 years old, my grandpa brought a white colour with brown spotted puppy back. It’s a she =) She was cute to me even she’s a stray dog. When she first reach my house (dad’s coffee shop), she was like scared of people. I asked my grandpa: Why is she so scared? And why you brought her back? My grandpa said he saw an illegal dog seller who capture “stray puppies” and sell them at Lorong Kulit. { Which after that my dad told me if they didn’t manage to sell them they will feed them themselves and sell it to the illegal hawker who sell dog meat---- Cruel !! } Grandpa said they are all very pity because the seller keeps almost 20 of them in a cage!!! And they’re most probably on the age of 1. Which means the cage is obviously too small for them =( Grandpa said he couldn’t do anything but to save (buy) one of them as we couldn’t afford to feed all of them. Guess what ?! One dog cost only RM5 !!! What a tragic ! It is few thousand times cheaper than those pure breed dogs in a pet shop !! I was wondering what’s the difference between stray dogs and pure breeds dogs ? Aren’t all of them dogs ? since they’re human’s best companion, why treat them differently ?

As these questions came into my mind, my parents said they don’t really agree to keep her because we’re doing food industry business, is it quite unhygienic besides my sister are really afraid of dogs {even a puppy ==!}. But grandpa, grandma and I insist of keeping her. My parents had no idea but to agree. =) Glad! Of course, we gave her a name “White White” ! Curious with the name ?! Well, it’s given by my grandpa who is not really educated and he insist on it by saying it’s the best name for her =D haha !!

White White @ 2011

After  one or two weeks in our house, my parents started to accept her and she became part of my family =) But the weird things is she never cry or even a sound from her is heard ><! We were quite worried at that stage though her appetite was good! But our worried vanish after a few weeks as she started to bark at stranger passed by our “house”.

She turned out to be very naughty as she likes to bite our shoes, cloth, boxes, newspaper, etc. We thought she was finding something to bite because of the growth of her teeth and so we bought her plush toys. Surprisingly, she doesn’t like toys ><! *sigh ~and we don’t really chain her unless she started to bark at others dogs because we scared they’ll be fighting at each other’s. We don’t really train her but she is quite understanding, she don’t bark at our customers during day but when there are people coming near to our shop at night, she’ll bark at them. Though many of my parent’s friends said she’s really intelligence but she quite playful and sometimes she purposely don’t want to do what you tell her to do or she do it in another way ==!

Oh ya ! I did tell that my sister was afraid of dogs right ?! A year after White White joined or family, our whole family had treated her as our family members. Though my sister was afraid of her but I know she’s quite good to White White ! Sometimes, she even suggest my mother to bring some food from restaurant back for her!! *winks

Now White White is still with me but as years goes by my worried came closer. I heard people said dogs can’t live more than 10 years. She’s been with me for 7 years and remember when she came to my house she’s like 1 years old. So she’s approximately 8 years old now. I’m worried. Silly me always tell my mother White White cannot leave me until I married and had my own children. I wanna show my children what a good dog White White is. My mother always answers me: Don’t be silly is a torture to her for living so long. When it’s time for her to go she’ll go. It’s the best for her.

For me White White is very precious to me even though she’s a stray dog just like how you precious your pure breed dog. Stray dogs need love too just like your pure breed dog. For those who abuse stray dog just because they’re stray, hell you go!! Especially this few years, I saw many articles and videos from facebook. They torture them with fire, punch them, step on them, etc. They are also part of this world, they deserve to live and deserve to be love. God made them for a purpose, not for you to abuse them. Your life is precious, their life is also precious. And for those who dump their dogs just because they’re sick and hate stray dogs, please I beg you don’t ever keep a pet after this. You’re creating more stray dogs that you hate once you dump them.
*Stray dogs : Dogs which do not have owner or in Malaysia those dogs which are no pure in breed are considered as stray dogs. 

**Just when I was going to click the button "publish post" I saw another irresponsible act towards dog : https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=222645901107661&set=a.202065756499009.47358.199141126791472&type=1&ref=nf


  1. the world seems a little bit nicer because there's people like you on it. keep the spirit up! <3

    ps - what a looong essay ;) heheh

  2. world seems a little bit nicer because there's people like you on it <<<< super agreed !!!