Saturday, October 29, 2011

October's feeling

Recently I'm getting more and more lazy though homeworks, assignments, test, etc are getting more and more loaded ..
ishk ishk ishk ...
Was thinking is my brain size shrinking ?
though have read the books many many times...
But it end up nothing is going inside my brain @@!
Or was I reading it without "heart" 
Agu ~~~ have to find smtg to motivate myself more.. mooooooore... moooooooooooooore....

Ooooh another thing ... why am I agree to take part in the flashmob ?! o.O 
I must be insane ~.~ As classmates said that if class rep is going they're going !! So as a class rep , what should I do ?! Gash ~ That is why I agreed to join >.<!
Hmmm ... I can't dance ~ What should I do ?! Ahhhh.... TT_TT

Btw, 3 November and 4 November are getting closer =( those dates are realli annoying me !! For someone who so afraid to go for a dentist is going to undergo teeth operation, so what do you think she feels like ?!
Ugh ~ Whatever .. All I have to do is keeping on FIGHTING AZA AZA !!!


  1. oh yen! are u going for bracers? heh, brace urself, it isn't that painful if u think it's not ;) hug!

  2. owh. just realized it's a real operation! hug tight tight! gambateh, after removing zi hui ya, then next time won't be so torturing le... :)

  3. Hmmm... hope so lor ~ super duper scared of thursday and friday ><!